Bulwark Exterminating

Bulwark uses only the safest, most effective products to treat your home and protect your family from unwanted visitors. We are dedicated to giving your family peace of mind knowing that there are no creepy crawlies wandering within your walls.

Not only does Bulwark offer the best products, but also the best service. We value and uphold the highest standards when dealing with our customers so that your experience is a pleasant one despite the nasty reason we are there. If there are any problems we will take care of them within 48 hours, guaranteed.

Pest Control

Not only is it important to protect yourself from human intruders, but what about those nasty insect and animal intruders? Pest control is your home security system for bugs, spiders, and rodents.

Pest control can be a tricky task due to all of the different types of pests that exist and all of the different chemicals and tactics there are on the market. Things must be done right to guarantee that your pests are controlled and your family protected.

Mouse Control

Mice, nature’s cute little pests that bring great disgust to the humans they come in contact with. Whether you see one or many within your home, you most likely have an infestation.

Mice reach sexual maturity at around 35 days of life and produce around 8 litters of 6 young per year. They are also very social animals, which means if there is one, there are usually many. And even if the mouse you saw within your walls is home alone, it will still spread various diseases, such as salmonella as his inquisitive nature leads him to explore every inch of your home.